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 At Paddles Outdoor Rentals, we have everything you need for your time in Crystal River.  We have guided "Swim With Manatee" tours, guided kayak or paddleboard tours, brand new kayak rentals, top-rated paddleboard rentals, and the best beach cruiser bike rentals in Crystal River.  We treat our customers like family and want you to tell all of your friends and relatives about us when you get home from your trip.  We take pride in customer service and are only doing our jobs right when you are completely satisfied!

Paddles Outdoor Rentals has the greatest tours, newest equipment, the best prices, and we also have the easiest booking policy.  We realize there are a lot of decisions to make before planning your trip, so we make it easy with our "RESERVE NOW, PAY LATER" option at checkout.  You will not be charged anything upfront, so choose your tour or rental from our options below, fill out the information fully on our checkout screen, and pay when you arrive.  It is as simple as that, plus there are no cancellation penalties EVER at Paddles Outdoor Rentals!  So book your tour or rental with us and feel the difference...

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Swimming with manatees on our guided tour
Swimming With Manatees Tour
Paddles Outdoor Rentals Tour
Manatees In Motion


This is the ULTIMATE tour in Crystal River.  Enjoy a three hour, guided snorkel tour through the beautiful waters of Kings Bay and Three Sisters Springs area on one of our fantastic kayaks or paddleboards and "Swim With Manatees!" Our local tour guides will show you all of the best places to swim with manatees so you will have an unforgettable experience.   Throughout the guided expedition, you will have the opportunity to swim with manatees, take pictures and videos, and create memories to last a lifetime.  Our guided tours are all-inclusive and come with wetsuits, snorkel gear, your choice of kayak or paddleboard, one of our amazing local guides.  This amazing tour is ONLY $69 per person so book your "Swim With Manatees" tour with us and feel the difference...

Reserve Now and Pay Later!


Join us on a guided three-hour tour through the beautiful waters of Kings Bay on one of our fantastic kayaks or paddleboards. Our tours are led by locals who know the waters like the back of their hand and will show you all of the best places.  Throughout the guided expedition, you will have the opportunity to view the beautiful nature and wildlife that we are known for.   Our guided tours give you plenty of chances to take pictures, including the chance of seeing manatees, dolphins, pelicans, tarpon, turtles, otters and many more of the local wildlife.  This guided tour is ONLY $59 per person, so book your guided tour now and feel the difference... 

Reserve Now and Pay Later!


We have the nicest kayak rentals in Crystal River with top-notch customer service.  With our kayak rentals, you can paddle the crystal clear waters to see manatees and other wildlife.  We have single kayak rentals, tandem kayak rentals, and triple kayak rentals.  Our single kayak rentals hold up to 300 pounds and the tandem kayak rentals hold up to 500 pounds.   When you think Crystal River kayaking, you should think Paddles Outdoor Rentals for the best kayaks in town.  Our kayak rentals are the newest in town with the best prices.  Two hours starting at  ONLY $25 makes this the best deal in Crystal River!

Rentals include kayak rental, paddles, life vests, anchor, and map

Reserve Now and Pay Later!


With our Paddle Board rentals, you can paddleboard through the natural springs that make up Crystal River / King's Bay.  This includes Three Sisters Springs where you can explore the world of opportunities to connect with our abundant, blooming wildlife.  

We have to different paddleboard rental options for you to have an amazing day on the water, so choose between our 11' YOLO paddleboard rentals that hold up to 225 pounds and 12' YOLO paddleboard rentals that hold up to 275 pounds. 

Our Paddleboard rentals are the newest and best priced in town.  These YOLO paddleboards start at ONLY $25, which is the best price in Crystal River, so book now and don't miss out!

Rentals include paddleboard, leash, life vest, anchor, and map

Reserve Now and Pay Later!


Our bike rentals allow peddling your way on our bike paths and through our charming little town, where you will find yourself exploring more than just manatees on our super comfy bike rentals.  There is much to see when you ride the bikes to our downtown jewel, Heritage Village, where you will see several unique shops, restaurants, bars and much more.  You can conclude your trip on your bike rental at Kings Bay or Hunter Springs Parks which offer amazing water views and playgrounds for your children to play.  Our bike rentals really offer something for everyone to experience so book your bike rental with us and enjoy Crystal River on pedals!

Our bike rentals start at ONLY $15, which is the best price in Crystal River so don't miss out and book now!

Rental includes bike, helmet, basket, and map

Reserve Now and Pay Later!


If you're looking for something new and fun to do with a group of friends, this multi-person PARTY BOARD will give you an experience to remember!  This is a great way to celebrate any occasion like a birthday or a bachelorette party.  This board can hold up to 8 people and a couple of dogs (1600 total pounds), so grab your friends and have a great time on the water together.

This is the ONLY one in Crystal River and pricing starts at ONLY $160 so get your friends together and book now!

Rental includes party board, paddles, life vests, anchor, map

Reserve Now and Pay Later!

Soulful SUP Yoga 

With Stephanie 

Soulful SUP Yoga with Stephanie is one of our most popular activities.  Spend two hours total and roughly 90 minutes doing yoga on one of our YOLO paddle boards.  Customers love this class, so book soon as this class fills up quickly. 

Reserve Now and Pay Later!

Paddles Outdoor Rentals and Coastal Shop is our family-owned and operated business located just blocks away from Hunter Springs, Kings Bay, and Three Sisters Springs. We have kayak rentals, paddle board rentals, bike rentals, guided manatee tours, party paddle board rentals, and the coolest gift shop in Crystal River.  



We are PET FRIENDLY and have kayak rentals, paddle board rentals, and bike rentals for your enjoyment with your pets.  If you prefer to take a tour, we offer guided kayak and paddle board tours with our knowledgeable team and your pets are welcome as well.  We are dedicated to delivering fun and the best customer service in Crystal River, so if there are any special requests to make your adventure even more special, please let us know and we will do everything possible to accommodate you!!

Paddles Outdoor Rentals specializes in creating lifetime memories with:​  families, couples, team building, family reunions, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, first timers, experienced enthusiasts, and we are PET FRIENDLY!!!


Manatee Season runs from November 15th through March 31st!

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